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ANGLERS Lifestyle Segmentation

36 segments covering 195 million individual level records

Built using socio-economic indicators, households are grouped and ranked based on affluence, life-stage, geography and media preferences. A household is assigned to one distinct segment so marketing messages can be easily crafted and managed. Proprietary to V12, ANGLERS segmentation is unique in that it is individually based and utilizes actual responses and shopping behaviors.

Our ANGLERS lifestyle data includes 36 segments covering 195 million individual level records. We also offer a ZIP+4 level companion dataset of 36 segments which covers the entire consumer database.
Consumer Lifestyle Segmentation
Segmentations include:

  • Affluence (i.e. wealth, income occupation)
  • Neighborhood (i.e. urban/rural, home owner)
  • Generation (i.e. 65+, baby boomers, millennials)
  • Lifestage (i.e. married, children)
  • Ethnicity (i.e. Hispanic, Asian)
  • Responsiveness (i.e. mail buyer, opener/clicker)
  • Shopping behavior (i.e. internet shopper, catalog, discount)

With ANGLERS lifestyle segments, you can boost the relevancy of your messaging for personalized, one-to-one marketing that gets results.