15 Must See Charts on the State of Marketing

15 Must See Charts on the State of Marketing

Data is at our fingertips – so much data, that as marketers, we both love and sometimes hate, the massive amounts of data to process.  With data, we can better understand our customers, apply more insightful analytics, optimize customer journeys, and create truly hyper-personalized marketing.

Marketers should also be paying attention to the numerous marketing charts available today – data in easy-to-visualize formats. So sit back, relax, and take a peak at these 15 must-see marketing charts. 

  1. Most Exciting Opportunities for 2019
    Customer experience continues to stay front of mind for many marketers, according to research by Econsultancy and Adobe. Out of the more than 12,500 B2B and B2C professionals surveyed, 20% of the B2B organizations reported that optimizing the customer experience is their single most exciting opportunity in 2019 and 21% of B2C marketers stated that data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual is their top opportunity.

    marketing opportunity 2019  

  2. Top 3 Marketing Priorities
    In research by Econsultancy, marketers were asked “Which three marketing-related areas do you expect to jump furthest up your organization’s priority list in 2019? Over half (55%) selected ‘better use of data for more effective audience segmentation and targeting’ as one of their three organizational priorities.

    Marketing Priorities 2019

  3. Audience Data
    According to a report from the IAB, organizations are investing more in audience data. More than two-thirds (69.2%) of survey respondents say they spent more in 2018 than they did in the year prior, and more than three-quarters (78.2%) plan on spending even more this year. More than half (57.3%) of survey respondents also said cross-channel measurement and attribution is a use case that will occupy their time, attention and resources during 2019.

    Audience Data 2019

  4. Scott Brinker’s Martech Landscape
    Released annually at the spring MarTech conference, we’ve seen the marketing technology landscape chart grow year after year. In 2011 when this chart was first introduced, 150 marketing technologies existed.  Today, the chart now records 7,040 (click here to see enlarged version)

    Scott Brinker MarTech 

  5. Email Marketing: Effectiveness vs. Difficulty
    Email marketing is the most common channel for personalization, however according to Ascend2’s survey, while personalized messages are highly effective, they also rank as the most difficult type of email to deploy. Three in 5 (62%) email marketers chose personalization as being among their most effective types of email. Nearly half (47%) of survey respondents stated that personalization is also the most difficult type of email to execute.

    email marketing 2019 

  6. Personalizing the Customer Experience
    Personalization continues to be a theme for marketers and consumers alike in 2019. So what can brands do to make consumers feel like individuals? According to research by RedPoint Global, 52% of consumers are looking for special offers specifically tailored to them and 43% of consumers want brands to know the are the same customer across touchpoints.

    Personalized Customer Experiences 2019 

  7. Personalization – Too Creepy?
    Despite personalization proving successful for the majority of marketers, most people can describe a time when they’ve been stalked across the internet by something they’ve looked at online. According to SmarterHQ’s new report, a “personalized” experience can cross a line into creepy and annoying, with nearly two-thirds (63%) of consumers surveyed saying they’ve stopped buying from a brand that employed poor personalization activities.

    Marketing Tactics Creepy 2019 

  8. Omnichannel Personalization
    Consumers may expect brands to know them across channels, however integrating channels is challenging.  In research by Evergage, only 3% of companies stated that they have all channels integrated and a whopping 53% stated that they only have a few channels connected.

    Omnichannel Personalization 2019 

  9. The Case for Facebook
    Five of the top nine digital channels shoppers are using to discover new brands are social media platforms, with Facebook being used more than websites by Americans for this purpose. Approximately half (49%) of the nearly 1,000 shoppers surveyed for a report from Criteo said they discover new brands through Facebook.

    Digital Channels 2019

  10. Who is Using social Media?
    This next chart gives a fascinating breakdown on who is using social media by social platform and demographics such as age, household income, gender and more.

    Social Media Usage Demographics 2019

  11. Barriers to Adoption and Effectiveness of Martech
    Marketing Automation, Email and CRM are the most effective types of technology used for marketing purposes, according to 53% of marketing influencers with only 27% of marketing influencers finding this category difficult to utilize.

    Barriers Martech Adoption 2019

  12. Primary Objectives and Critical Challenges of Utilizing Marketing Data Dashboards
    The ability to visualize marketing data in dashboard format provides marketers with a visually appealing and easy-to-read displays of key marketing metrics. By tracking metrics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, marketers can act on data to immediately improve performance.

    Objectives Challenges Marketing Dashboards 2019

  13. What are the Main Benefits of Marketing Automation
    Nearly 70% of marketers reported that marketing automation has helped them improve the targeting of their messages. Another 45.9% reported that it has helped them improve customer experience, while 37.7% of marketers have reported that automation has helped them get better quality of leads. (Lianatech)

    Marketing Automation 2019 

  14. What are Marketers’ Objectives and Challenges with Email Marketing?
    Increasing engagement and improving brand awareness are primary objectives for 67% and 59% of marketing influencers. (Convince and Convert)

    Email Marketing 2019

  15. The Most Effective Types of Email
    In the same study by Convince and Convert, a majority of marketing professionals believe that a combination of personalized messaging and single-topic/dedicated email creates the most effective type of email used for marketing purposes. Meanwhile, only 17% consider plain-text email effective.

Most Effective Email Types 2019
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