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Larisa Bedgood
customer insights
The relationship between brands and customers has changed radically over the past few decades.  Not long ago, consumers cared more about price and quality than any other factor.  Today, while high quality is still a factor in purchasing decisions, price is no longer at the top of the list.  Other factors such as convenience, positive...
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email marketing
V12 recently held a webinar on email marketing and how brands can optimize their email strategies. Below is a summary of the information we presented or view the full webinar at the end of this article. The Mobile Revolution Like almost all things, smartphones have revolutionized the way we do email. While we know that...
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Data-Driven Webinar
[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] How to Make Better Use of Your Customer Data The best marketers are data-driven. This means collecting data from each and every customer interaction, supplementing it with third-party data sources, and applying analytics to make the most informed decisions possible. In this webinar, V12 explores the data-driven landscape to help you acquire, grow...
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New Mover Marketing
The Three Stages of Mover Marketing The process of moving is ranked as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, despite the fact that on average Americans move 11 times in their lifetime. Between finding a home, negotiating with potential buyers, packing up an entire life of belongings and more it’s enough...
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Customer Engagement
How to Drive Meaningful Customer Engagements and Better Marketing Outcomes Customer engagement is defined as all the interactions a customer has with your brand. It’s the ongoing relationship a brand orchestrates, and a customer chooses to engage with, in order to boost retention and loyalty. An engaged customer spends more and is often a band’s...
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Mover Marketing 2020
2020 Success Kit for New Mover Marketing The 2020 Success Kit for New Mover Marketing gives you access to some of our most informative resources on new mover marketing trends, strategies and tactics. The most convenient way to research, this success kit contains topic focused blogs, webinars, and case studies – all with one download....
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Top Trends of Today’s Car Buying Journey Shoppers today looking for vehicles have more information at their fingertips than ever before. By now, it is standard practice to start the purchase journey online and most dealerships and manufacturers have made the necessary changes to their marketing plans to capture the attention of online shoppers. With...
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How Effective is Social Media for Lead Generation? Social media is firmly entrenched as part of our everyday lives.  We get our news from social, interact with friends, find community events and the list goes on.  Social is also a vital channel when it comes to interacting with brands and researching new products and services....
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Marketing Budget 2020
Where are Enterprise Marketers Allocating Their Budgets? Not a surprise, spend on digital channels is continuing to increase while spend on more traditional channels such as newspapers and magazines is on the decline. In a recent study by Gartner, digital and social channels garnered a healthy portion of marketing spend. Over 50% of budgets were...
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Retail Marketing Case Study
[case study] How a Regional Furniture Chain Leveraged V12 to Increase Their Sales by Over $12MM CHALLENGES Heavy local competition New eCommerce players stealing market share Lagging store traffic and sales (online and in store) Struggling to find new potential customers SOLUTIONS Customer Data Platform Implemented V12 Velocity to integrate 1st and 3rd party data...
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