Larisa Bedgood
Movers & Shakers
Movers & Shakers, a Podcast by V12 This new research study, conducted by V12 and Ascend2, explores the 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing Report.  Check out this episode to learn how brands are utilizing mover marketing strategies to increase their customer acquisition and retention. Did you know? 41% of organizations who have a mover marketing strategy...
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Coffee Break Masonite
Jennifer Renaud, SVP and CMO of Masonite, has spent her career building brands at large enterprise companies like Microsoft and Oracle. She is currently tackling evolving a 100-year-old brand, Masonite, and changing what doors mean to consumers. She believes brands need to become useful in the decision-making process. The key to uncovering all these...
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CMO Perspective Mover Marketing
Watch this webinar which unveils new research, conducted with Ascend2, exploring how brands are utilizing mover marketing strategies to increase their customer acquisition and retention. Did you know? 41% of organizations who have a mover marketing strategy in place report significantly greater increases in both customer acquisition and retention54% who have a mover marketing program...
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webinar promo
Movers & Shakers, a Podcast by V12 During a move, consumers have a high propensity to interact with new brands and also are more likely to spend on new products and services. And how your company predicts and engages with that new mover is of growing importance. Today, new mover marketing is a powerful, highly...
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Article originally appeared on Marketing Charts. The national mover rate has been on a fairly steady decline over the past 35-40 years to a record low, but even so, 8.4% of Americans (or about 27.1 million) moved last year, per the Census Bureau. Past research has shown that people going through life changes make attractive targets for...
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Gen Z New Movers
Gen Z New Mover Report Gen Z refers to the current generation, who according to the Pew Research Center, consists of people born between 1997 and 2012. The oldest of this generation are now turning 25 years of age, marking a time when many are now out of college, getting married, and beginning to...
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Gen X Movers
Gen X New Mover Report Gen X, or Generation X, is the demographic group of people born between the mid-1960s to 1980. As of 2022, they are between 42 and 57 years old. Like every generation, this demographic is marked by a unique set of characteristics, traits, and values. New research from V12 and...
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Millennial Movers
Article originally appeared on Retail TouchPointsby Anders Ekman, President of V12 Moving to a new home is one of the most economically impactful life triggers. With more than $11,000 on average spent per move, new movers present a major opportunity for retailers to boost customer acquisition and drive revenue. One of the most powerful...
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millennial mover marketing webinar
New movers are a lucrative audience, in-market to purchase a variety of goods and services. Now, with the influx of millennials entering the homebuying market, our data showcases when millennial new movers are making purchases, how much they’re spending, what’s enticing them to try new brands and more. Did you know? 92% of millennial...
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Moving Homeowner Statistics 2022
Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments a consumer makes, unleashing a flurry of economic and spend activity. In fact, movers represent a $170B audience as they spend across numerous products and services before and after the move. Take a look at this list of home-buying statistics for 2022 for more insight...
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