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Larisa Bedgood
why mover marketing needs a gut renovation
Leveraging rich data allows brands to distinguish between potential movers who have their homes listed and those who are not moving. by Andy Frawley, Adweek With over 30 million people in the U.S. moving each year (and likely even more due to the pandemic) and spending on average $9,000 per move, mover marketing is a significant revenue...
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new technology brought to mover marketing
Did you know the move is one of the most economically impactful life triggers? With more than $9,000 on average spent per move, there are several major purchase decisions consumers have to make. Because of this, movers have a permission to buy mentality. In fact, movers spend more within the first six months of moving...
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investing in mover marketing
The key to a successful marketing campaign is a targeted audience. Understanding your ideal customer’s demographics, preferences, lifestyle, life events, shopping behaviors, and other important insights allows you to craft an effective campaign message that reaches them on the right channels at the right time. A valuable audience across industries that’s often overlooked are movers....
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covid moving trends
The pandemic changed a lot for Americans – the way we work, socialize, shop – and move. As many as 9 million people in the U.S. have moved since the covid-19 pandemic began. Examining these moving trends show that this mass migration was different from previous years – largely in part due to the widespread...
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Marketing Strategy
Consumer behaviors have changed drastically this past year.  The pandemic has altered how consumers shop, research for new products and engage with brands.  As a result, brands have also had to pivot to meet consumers’ changing expectations and shopping patterns.  As marketers worked to evolve their strategies, one of the key areas of focus has...
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advantages movertech provides mover marketing campaign
For years, mover marketing has been stagnant – few insights into pre-move indicators, stale direct mail campaigns, and a limited understanding of the mover audience. Mover marketing needed a complete overhaul to successfully reach the $170 billion mover audience. Overview of MoverTech MoverTech is a suite of proprietary technology and data solutions that has reinvented...
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social media marketing
Social media continues to be a part of consumers’ everyday lives.  The latest statistics show there are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021—a five percent increase from a year ago. Furthermore, there are more than nine in ten (91 percent) social media users who use mobile devices to access social networks. (Oberlo) According...
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Mover marketing hasn’t changed for years, until now. Introducing MoverTech – a suite of proprietary technology and data solutions driving a new generation in mover marketing. With MoverTech’s precisely targeted omnichannel and digital programs, you can now reach consumers the moment their homes are placed on the market – when they are making their most...
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Customer Experience
It’s been over a year since the pandemic shut down stores, social gatherings, schools, routines and more.  From the onset, the coronavirus altered consumer behaviors.  With physical locations shut down, consumers had to use digital channels.  With many brands being out of stock, consumers tried new brands. With the emphasis on cleanliness, consumers watched to...
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Marketing Tips & Strategies to Boost Your Dealership Conquesting & Prospecting Now so more than ever, the auto industry is in a state of constant flux and consumer preferences are rapidly changing. Although change is inevitable, there is no shortage of opportunities for dealers to acquire new customers and sell more cars. By getting more...
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