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Gen Z New Movers
Gen Z New Mover Report Gen Z refers to the current generation, who according to the Pew Research Center, consists of people born between 1997 and 2012. The oldest of this generation are now turning 25 years of age, marking a time when many are now out of college, getting married, and beginning to...
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Gen X Movers
Gen X New Mover Report Gen X, or Generation X, is the demographic group of people born between the mid-1960s to 1980. As of 2022, they are between 42 and 57 years old. Like every generation, this demographic is marked by a unique set of characteristics, traits, and values. New research from V12 and...
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Millennial Movers
Article originally appeared on Retail TouchPointsby Anders Ekman, President of V12 Moving to a new home is one of the most economically impactful life triggers. With more than $11,000 on average spent per move, new movers present a major opportunity for retailers to boost customer acquisition and drive revenue. One of the most powerful...
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millennial mover marketing webinar
New movers are a lucrative audience, in-market to purchase a variety of goods and services. Now, with the influx of millennials entering the homebuying market, our data showcases when millennial new movers are making purchases, how much they’re spending, what’s enticing them to try new brands and more. Did you know? 92% of millennial...
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Moving Homeowner Statistics 2022
Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments a consumer makes, unleashing a flurry of economic and spend activity. In fact, movers represent a $170B audience as they spend across numerous products and services before and after the move. Take a look at this list of home-buying statistics for 2022 for more insight...
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Solar Energy Mover Marketing
by Anders Ekman, President of V12, a Porch Company Article originally appeared on Solar Builder Approximately 27 million people reported moving within the United States in 2021, and these moversspent billions of dollars per year on numerous products and services. They open their wallets forhome improvement, furniture, home décor and, yes, solar. The 2021 New...
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Moving Stats United States
Approximately 31 Million people move in America every year, spending approximately $11,000 for products and services during the move. Check out these top moving statistics and trends by state, as featured in the ProMoverReviews 2022 Report: Alabama: People who immigrate to the US from other countries are least likely to settle in Alabama, of any state.Alaska: In...
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what is new mover marketing
During a move, consumers are in the market to spend and it is in this pivotal time in their consumer journey that up to 90% of this segment is willing to try new brands and services. Watch this video clip with Luci Rainey, former SVP of Marketing at PODS and Comcast, and Anders Ekman, President of...
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Discount Coupons
Movers are not only a high-spending group, they are also in a transitional stage which makes them more open to developing new brand loyalties. The move represents an incredible opportunity for brands across industries to acquire new customers. Identifying movers and reaching them across the channels they prefer is the first step. Once you...
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online new mover research
Approximately 31 Million people move in America every year and these new movers are known for spending money, a segment that every business would love to capture. New movers are making numerous purchase decisions, spending approximately $11,000 for products and services during the move. They are also using a variety of channels and research methods...
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