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5 Key Advantages MoverTech Provides Your Mover Marketing Campaign

For years, mover marketing has been stagnant – few insights into pre-move indicators, stale direct mail campaigns, and a limited understanding of the mover audience. Mover marketing needed a complete overhaul to successfully reach the $170 billion mover audience.

Overview of MoverTech

MoverTech is a suite of proprietary technology and data solutions that has reinvented mover marketing. MoverTech is fueled by Porch technology, who provides software and services to home services providers, such as home inspection and moving companies. Through these service providers, Porch gains early access to homebuyers – seeing 80+% of all houses bought in the U.S per year. Combined with V12’s rich foundation of marketing data and insight, this proprietary source of information forms the MoverTech suite – creating a new generation of mover marketing.

Benefits MoverTech Provides Your Mover Marketing Campaign

1. Reach homebuyers when they’re making their biggest buying decisions

MoverTech provides precise mover targeting, enabling you to reach the right consumers at the right time. Knowing where and when movers are moving provides your mover marketing strategy the valuable insight and competitive edge needed to transform movers into customers. MoverTech Data provides insights into movers across the entire move cycle including, Potential Movers, Verified Pre-Movers, and Post-Movers.

  • Potential Movers (Total Universe: 2.8MM) are consumers who have their homes listed but are not definitively moving. Consumers are active in this stage for approximately 6 weeks, researching and contacting home improvement companies, cleaning services, moving companies. Potential movers are also actively seeking mortgages and other financial services during this time.
  • Verified Pre-Movers (Total Universe 4.9MM) have their home under contract and are in the inspection, moving, or financial process. Verified pre-movers are actively shopping for insurance, furniture, cable, internet, and other goods and services in this stage for about 2-6 weeks prior to their actual move.
  • Post-Movers (Total Universe: 26+MM) have completed the move. Post-movers are establishing themselves at their new homes during this time, coordinating their healthcare, childcare, home improvement projects, banking, and more. This valuable shopping period lasts for at least 6 – 9 months post-move.

2. Data science identifies your most valuable mover audiences

In traditional mover marketing, a stagnant mailing list of movers lacks consumer behavior insights and several other important data points necessary to interpret purchase intent.

MoverTech Science precisely identifies valuable mover audiences so you can target consumers most likely to purchase your goods and services with your mover marketing campaign. With our advanced machine learning platform, V12 Signals in-market intent technology, and extensive data products expertise, our team works with you to identify important insights to anticipate your audience’s needs.

  • Custom models built to target consumers who are actively shopping for the products/services you sell.
  • Identify high-value mover segments, up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, and channel propensity.
  • Target high-performing mover segments, powered by V12 data science.

3. Turn movers into customers with real-time campaigns, triggered by move and purchase indicator insights

New movers are five times more likely to become long-term customers if you can reach them before the competition. MoverTech Activation matches your offers to where consumers are in the move journey and decision process. V12 has the experience, knowledge, and tools to orchestrate omnichannel interactions. V12 Agency designs and deploys direct mail, email, digital, and social media campaigns using V12 Velocity, our integrated Customer Data Platform.

4. Seamless access to data and activation to customize your campaigns

Accelerate your ROI with a robust and flexible suite of solutions to access our MoverTech data and technology. With MoverTech Platforms, you can choose your own audience with V12’s online services. Choose from numerous location and demographic options to build your audience for right time, omnichannel engagement. MoverTech Platforms also provides:

  • Flexible, real-time data delivery
  • Mover Match – Learn if your customers are moving before they move
  • Omnichannel marketing in your hands with V12 velocity

5. Industry-leading mover insights keep you in the know

V12 leads the industry in mover insights. Our website is regularly updated with free educational resources including topic-focused blogs, success kits, webinars, and more. Access our extensive library of original mover content to stay updated on current mover trends, insights, and more. Browse our latest mover marketing resources

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