Article Originally Appeared on, by Karthik Kashyap When people move to a new place, marketers can leverage data and mover marketing strategies to succeed in their overall customer acquisition and retention strategies. But how well are B2C companies leveraging mover marketing strategies? A joint study by V12 and Ascend2 shines a light on it....
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webinar understanding new mover journey to drive marketing programs ben litvinas
When people move, they’re faced with several major purchase decisions. As a result, these consumers are more likely to try new brands for various products and services. What is your brand doing to engage with this lucrative audience? New mover marketing is a powerful, highly predictive omnichannel tool that has evolved to be a...
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mover marketing challenges
New research from V12 and Ascend2’s The Marketers Perspective on Mover Marketing report finds that mover marketing programs have a significant impact on the overall success of marketing performance, providing tremendous boosts in acquisition and retention initiatives. But, as with any type of marketing program, marketers face a few unique challenges when it comes...
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who uses mover marketing
Who Uses Mover Marketing? Moving is a major life event. Whether it’s relocating out of state or moving to a neighboring city, consumers are faced with several major purchase decisions throughout a move. As a result, this boost in economic activity offers brands a valuable opportunity to reach these consumers at a time when they’re...
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mover marketing myths
New mover marketing, also known as “mover marketing,” targets consumers who are moving. The spending habits of movers are dynamic, changing drastically during the time of a move. With $11k on average spent throughout the moving journey, moving represents a major economic opportunity for businesses to acquire and retain customers. Today, mover marketing uses rich...
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Impact of Mover Marketing Strategies on Customer Acquisition Retention 2022
If you have ever moved to a new home – and chances are you have – you know that the move is a time when you are spending money.  Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, moving across country or across town, downgrading or upgrading, you most likely are spending on new items to furnish your...
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The 2022 Marketer's Perspective on Mover Marketing Research
V12 recently launched the 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing Report, which explores how brands are utilizing mover marketing strategies to increase their customer acquisition and retention. The report was conducted in conjunction with Ascend2, who ran an online study in February and March 2022 of over 250 marketing professionals working for enterprise organizations in...
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millennial new movers premove shopping insights (1)
When it comes to new mover marketing, timing is everything. Reaching new movers early is key to the success of your mover marketing programs. So, how soon are millennials making purchases for their new home? And, how do you ensure your brand is reaching this valuable consumer segment when it matters most? David Krane,...
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tems millennials purchase in the first 12 months of moving
When consumers move, they’re in-market to purchase a variety of items and services. David Krane, Senior Research Analyst from The Harris Poll, joined us on our webinar, Marketing to the Millennial Mover, to reveal what items millennials are purchasing in the first 12 months of moving and how their spending habits compare to other...
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How Long Do Millennials Research Services Before Moving
With the influx of millennials entering the homebuying market, new research showcases the amount of time this generation spends researching services prior to moving. David Krane, Senior Research Analyst from The Harris Poll, joined us on our recent webinar, Marketing to the Millennial Mover, to discuss these insights further. Download the Millennial New Mover...
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