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new mover lists
How to Acquire New Customers With New Mover Marketing New movers represent a lucrative segment for many businesses. Movers are not only a high-spending group, they are also in a transitional stage which makes them more open to developing new brand loyalties. In fact, new mover annual expenditures exceed $150 billion and they are five...
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Marketing Data Success
A Look at Data Strategies and Best Practices to Fuel Marketing Success Data is the cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy. Data tells us about our customers and prospects, how to personalize the customer experience, which channels they prefer, and informs every touchpoint along the customer journey. Despite the importance of utilizing high quality data...
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Automotive Advertising 2018
Digital Advertising Strategies On The Rise For The Automotive Industry The US Automotive industry is in the midst of robust spending on digital advertising and marketing. In a report by eMarketer, consistent double-digit growth in digital ad spending is forecasted for the auto industry through 2020. Last year for the first time ever, advertisers spent...
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Automotive Marketing 2018
Automotive Marketing – Catering to Today’s Evolving Car Shopper The automotive market is constantly changing – not only vehicles themselves but the ways consumers shop. Some sources predict that 10 million self-driving vehicles will be on the road by 2020 and every year, connected technologies keep consumers eager to see what the next wave of...
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eCommerce Customer Experience
Why Personalizing the Ecommerce Experience is More Critical Than Ever The customer experience continues to be an important factor in garnering repeat business, higher lifetime value, and creating brand loyalty. Online experiences are even more important than ever with 76% of consumers say they view this experience as the true test of how much a...
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Digital Advertising 2018
The State of Digital Advertising and Trends that are Shaping the Future A decade ago, digital advertising was nothing more than a banner ad placed on a website.  Today, the internet is accessible everywhere we go, on our tablets and mobile phones. This has spurred tremendous growth in digital advertising. Digital spending is now the...
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Email Marketing Data
6 Tips to Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Click-Through Rates Keeping your customers and prospects engaged with your emails can be a challenge for any marketer. If you are using email in your marketing mix, you know that click-throughs is extremely important.  In fact, in a study by Ascend2, 73% of marketers rated the click-through rate...
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Retail Consumer Statistics 2018
50 Statistics About Retail Marketing and Consumer Shopping Trends Are you an omnichannel retailer?  Consumers shop today across channels, both online and in brick-and-mortar locations.  They price check from their phones, add items to their online carts only to head into a physical store to make a final purchase, and shop from tablets, phones, laptops,...
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Automotive Purchase Intender Data
Revolutionary Mobile Techniques to Identify and Acquire In-Market Car Shoppers There are thousands of automotive brands nationwide vying for the same customers in a saturated marketplace. However, today’s car shoppers are in control. With the availability of more channels on which to research, they are willing to commit the effort required to make informed purchasing...
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