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Email Marketing
Email Marketing Benchmarks, Trends and Statistics – Updated for 2021 Last year, the pandemic touched nearly every facet of our lives.  As consumers, the way we engaged, researched and bought from brands completely changed. And for brands, customer engagement channels underwent rapid digital transformation in order to meet consumer needs.  As brands concentrated on digital...
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v12 ranks number 1 in car ownership data by truthset
The rate of car ownership in the U.S. continues to trend up for more than a decade now.  There are 276 million vehicles registered in the U.S. according to Statista.  Additionally, Bankrate reported that California, Texas, and Florida have the most vehicle registrations, due to their size and population. Americans also drive an average...
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the data driven advantage of first and third party data
Marketing today is all about being data-driven – using data to understand consumers, provide better experiences and personalize offers along the journey. There are many different types of data and classifications of data such as third-party data that can be purchased and data that is inherent to every organization – the first-party data every...
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how automotive marketers can drive revenue despite inventory constraints
By Andy Frawley, CEO of V12This article originally appeared on Adweek Dealerships must innovate as shortage of new vehicles pushes up demand for used cars It’s been a tough year for automotive brands. Although sales are on the rise, they are nowhere near where they should be due to the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage. As...
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marketing trends
50 Statistics on the Latest Marketing Trends and Strategies (updated for 2021) As marketers, we all want to know the numbers. What is working, which strategies are driving conversions, and where can I get the most bang for my buck? Below is a list of 50 incredible marketing statistics that every marketer should know. Email...
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homeowners most wanted
This article originally appeared on Intricate bathroom tile, a bold statement door, exposed shelving in the kitchen, a fully furnished patio. If asked, could you tell which design choices are more likely to help sell your home and which could keep buyers at bay? Just because you’ve seen something trending on Pinterest—or even on a...
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home improvement industry trends
Home improvement projects enable homeowners to customize and increase the value of their homes. Whether homeowners are getting ready to sell their homes, just recently moved into new homes, or have been living at their homes for several years – home improvement tasks become a priority sooner than later. Looking at the statistics and trends,...
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Consumer Marketing
As consumers, we are surrounded by personalization throughout our day. Suggestions on Amazon based on your purchases, recommendations on Netflix based on your viewing history, offers for products from all types of brands based on your browsing history, and the list goes on.  Providing personalized recommendation to drive engagement is a top priority for marketers....
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true cost of moving
This article originally appeared on Moving to a new city or town can involve costs that exist far beyond simple finances. For the 40 million Americans who relocate annually, many will be forced to juggle standard moving costs (such as rent, utilities, and security deposit), additional costs (home improvement and grocery store trips), and the stress...
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