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Next Best Action
Interview with Andy Frawley, CEO of V12 Discussing His Book “Igniting Customer Connections” V12 recently launched a new marketing community, Next Best Action: Sponsored by V12, the community is designed to be a neutral forum for marketing thought leaders and influencers in all industries to share their challenges, knowledge and experiences as they transition...
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Marketing 2020
[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] 2020 Marketing Strategies to Get Ahead of the Game With data constantly being creating and technology continually advancing, being aware of emerging marketing trends is a vital part of staying on top of the game. In this webinar, V12 discusses some of the top marketing strategies you must focus on to boost your...
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Customer Loyalty Marketing
What Data are Marketers Using for Loyalty Programs? Loyalty programs incentivize your customers to shop at your stores and advocate for your brand. With so many options available consumers today, more brands are turning to loyalty programs as a way to keep good customers coming back. Loyalty Programs Work According to research compiled by AnnexCloud:...
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The Ultimate List of Consumer Travel Industry Stats and Trends to Know for 2020 Consumer travel needs, behaviors and wants continue to evolve, whether travelling for business or pleasure. Changing technologies have given consumers more options, travel companies are responding with more options and consumers are looking for more experiences. Below is a list of...
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Retail Apparel Marketing
[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Apparel Retail Marketing: Ramp Up Customer Acquisition in 2020 Apparel companies must shift with evolving market trends as consumers are spending less on what they wear in favor of experiences and weekend getaways. In this webinar, V12 explores the clothing and accessories industry and how marketers can adapt. Specific topics will include: A...
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Data-Driven Marketing
How Marketers are Using 1st and 3rd Party Data to Optimize Performance Data has become one of the most valuable marketing resources.  With the right data, brands can gain insights into consumers’ wants, preferences, prospective purchases and loyalty triggers.  With so much data at hand these days, there is no excuse to not be data-driven...
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Marketers Increasingly Using Data to Drive Personalization Marketers are continuing to invest heavily in capabilities to deliver personalization and there are greater levels of personalization across more channels than ever.  According to recent research by Merkle, data is the primary driver for executing these personalized campaigns and experiences. According to Merkle’s research, 86% of marketers...
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Marketing Charts
Top 15 Marketing Charts of 2019 2020 is fast approaching. And soon will come all the great pieces on marketing trends and predictions for the new year.  However, before looking forward, as a marketer, I love charts so here’s a look back at some of the top marketing charts of 2019. Most Important Challenges for...
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Email Marketing
The Current State of Email Marketing Email remains one of the most used and effective marketing channels.  When done properly, email has the potential to leverage sales, generate new customers and boost retention. Recent research by Demand Metric and Return Path examine the current state of email marketing today, including brands’ top objectives, challenges and...
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Data-Driven Personalization
Data-Driven Personalization – How Do Consumers Feel About Sharing Their Information Over recent years, there has been a lot of research about the value of a strong customer experience personalized messaging, and how consumers are willing to share their information in exchange for a more personalized brand interaction.  However, new research suggests this may not...
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