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Premover data insights
Targeting new movers offers your brand an incredible opportunity to acquire new customers and attain their loyalty. With MoverTech’s proprietary data and comprehensive insights across the entire mover journey, your brand’s message is guaranteed to reach the right audience, on the right channels, at the right time. MoverTech Data is the most in-depth mover data...
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2021 study renting vs buying and how both are impacting you
This article originally appeared on HIRE A HELPER Key Findings The average rent across the United States is $1,050 a monthThe average mortgage payment in the U.S. is $992/month At $2,600/month on average, Sunnyvale, CA has the highest rent in the countryGadsen, AL has the lowest rent in the U.S. at $430/month on averageMortgage repayments are...
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how the pandemic has changed consumer behavior
It’s been over a year since the pandemic shut down stores, social gatherings, schools, routines and more. We’ve adjusted to a new way of thinking, living and shopping and many of these consumer behaviors are likely to be permanent.   In this webinar, we discuss the changed landscape and how brands can adapt their strategies...
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new homebuyer regret
This article originally appeared on There’s a lot of pressure for millennials to buy a home. From reports of a millennial housing crisis to their rates of marriage, overwhelming student loan debt, and slow-to-start careers, financial analysts have struggled to put a finger on the exact reason young people are so unwilling to give up...
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movertech science how it works
With MoverTech Science, you can now target movers most likely to buy your goods and services. Using our advanced machine learning platform, V12 Signals in-market intent technology, and extensive data products expertise, V12 works with you to identify the insights that matter to understand your target audience and anticipate their needs. Identify valuable mover...
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Webinar New Movers The Untapped Opportunity to Transform Your Customer Acquisition
With over 30 million people in the U.S. moving each year (and likely even more due to the pandemic) and spending on average $9,000 per move, mover marketing is a significant revenue opportunity for brands to engage with this lucrative market. Movers are the most economically valuable consumers across numerous categories, and brands are...
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Contact Us to Learn How You Can Turn New Movers into Customers Explore MoverTech
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homeowners most wanted
This article originally appeared on Intricate bathroom tile, a bold statement door, exposed shelving in the kitchen, a fully furnished patio. If asked, could you tell which design choices are more likely to help sell your home and which could keep buyers at bay? Just because you’ve seen something trending on Pinterest—or even on a...
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home improvement industry trends
Home improvement projects enable homeowners to customize and increase the value of their homes. Whether homeowners are getting ready to sell their homes, just recently moved into new homes, or have been living at their homes for several years – home improvement tasks become a priority sooner than later. Looking at the statistics and trends,...
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true cost of moving
This article originally appeared on Moving to a new city or town can involve costs that exist far beyond simple finances. For the 40 million Americans who relocate annually, many will be forced to juggle standard moving costs (such as rent, utilities, and security deposit), additional costs (home improvement and grocery store trips), and the stress...
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