Marketing Charts - New Mover Purchases
By Marketing Charts Moving almost always entails incurring expenses – and a lot of the time those expenses are more than anticipated. A recent report [download page] from V12 and Porch looks at what items and services new movers are buying when they move and what would entice them to try a new brand or company.  In...
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How Today's New Movers Are Spending On Services
You may also enjoy reading [Infographic] Why Solar Energy Providers Should Market to New Movers 2021 New Mover Trends Report from Porch Group and V12 Want more of the latest insights on today’s new movers? The 2021 New Mover Trends Report from Porch and V12 explores the profile of today’s new movers and provides valuable insights into...
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New Mover Statistics
New movers have long been a lucrative market to engage with and for good reason. New movers are making large purchases in a relatively short amount of time to complete their moves and settle into their new homes. They’re also more likely to try new brands and service providers. So, what exactly are today’s new...
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2021 new mover trends key insights
Unpacking 2021’s New Mover Trends New mover marketing has been the same for years and marketers have been working with insights into how moving trends impact consumer purchasing behavior largely sourced from research 10 years and older.  In partnership with Porch Group, V12 commissioned The Harris Poll to launch our annual New Mover Trends...
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new mover marketing solutions for solar energy providers
According to U.S. Census data, almost 30 million people moved in 2020, and this trend seems to be continuing with 2021, marking the year for a massive influx of first-time home buyers. The move is one of the most economically impactful life triggers, with moving consumers spending more than $8,000 on average per move...
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moving during delta
This article originally appeared on Key Findings 21% of people who moved from January through July 2021 said they moved due to COVID-19During the first three months of 2021, every third move was due to COVID-1937% of COVID-related moves were people moving due to going remoteOne-in-five (22%) moved after selling their home in...
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This article originally appeared on While lockdowns kept us in one place during the COVID pandemic, many Americans still moved during this global crisis—many, because of it. Among those surveyed who moved in 2020, 25% report their move was due in some part to the pandemic, per the HireAHelper American Migration Report. Respondents say their...
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New Movers The Untapped Opportunity to Transform Your Customer Acquisition
This transcript has been adapted from our webinar, New Movers: The Untapped Opportunity to Transform Your Customer Acquisition. Speakers: Anders EkmanPresident, V12 Quinn JalliEVP, Agency Services Anders: We are delighted to talk to you today, particularly as V12 has gone through some recent changes and we’re now owned by the Porch Group which opens...
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