Data as a Service: Empowering the Mar-Tech Machine

Data as a Service: Empowering the Mar-Tech Machine

The 13th annual JEGI Media & Technology Conference was a preeminent, can’t misAnders Ekman V12s event for more than 450 senior executives across the media, marketing and technology sectors. The 2017 Conference provided key insights from high-profile speakers across JEGI’s core markets on how to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving landscape. One of those speakers was V12’s very own CEO, Anders Ekman.

Panelists discussed how data and technology are transforming and empowering the marketing technology landscape. During the conference, many discoveries about the transformation growth through innovation and change of media and technology were discussed.

Below were some key takeaways according to JEGI:

  • Identity resolution is key, as it is the gateway to hyper-personalization. We’re seeing big data get smaller and smaller. The packages of data that we deliver transcend the traditional CPM model that a lot of the data business relies on today.
  • The consumer doesn’t view data as offline or online.
  • While there’s self-regulation, there’s also real government regulation that will cause us to rethink how consumers can access and control the information companies have about them. You’re going to hear a lot more about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the next few years. It’s a new law that was passed in the EU and states that businesses with over 250 employees have to provide consumers with the ability to update, access, and control any data that companies have about them. The fact that the federal trade Commission (FTC) has signaled that they’re going to follow the footsteps of the EU commission on this first-party data is critical because measurement and getting ROI on ad spending are reliant on predictive audiences, and true understanding what the consumer is doing and what the consumer wants.Anders Ekman JEGI
  • The big players are marrying data and technology in a way that marketers at scale require. All of us play different roles with technology vs. data. The right ingredients are needed to lay a strong foundation for any company in this space.
  • Despite big players owning a large part of the market, there’s plenty of room for organic growth, and those of us in other parts of the ecosystem will do just fine.
  • Accuracy and data quality are probably more important than ever.
  • We are hopeful and expectant that, particularly in the digital advertising ecosystem, the per thousand impression unit of measure will be replaced by something a little bit more intelligent, as attribution gets better and outcomes become clearer.

V12 wants to thank JEGI for hosting such an awesome event!

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