Automotive digital marketing
how automotive marketers can drive revenue despite inventory constraints
By Andy Frawley, CEO of V12This article originally appeared on Adweek Dealerships must innovate as shortage of new vehicles pushes up demand for used cars It’s been a tough year for automotive brands. Although sales are on the rise, they are nowhere near where they should be due to the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage. As automakers...
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automotive digital marketing
Consumers today shop, research and conduct their daily lives across an ever-increasing number of digital outlets and online channels. These trends have been further accelerated by the pandemic and marketers across industries are quickly trying to adapt and evolve to today’s online standards. The automotive industry is certainly no exception. Consumers shop for cars across...
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Automotive Advertising 2018
Digital Advertising Strategies On The Rise For The Automotive Industry The US Automotive industry is in the midst of robust spending on digital advertising and marketing. In a report by eMarketer, consistent double-digit growth in digital ad spending is forecasted for the auto industry through 2020. Last year for the first time ever, advertisers spent...
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Dealership Marketing 2018
You may have heard it time and again, but if you aren’t using digital in your marketing plans, you are losing out. Simply put, traditional marketing no longer works like it used to for auto dealerships. According to research by DealerSocket, traditional advertising such as radio spots, TV ads, and billboards bring in an average total...
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Digital Advertising Car
Today’s car shoppers are in control. With the availability of more channels on which to research, they are willing to commit the effort required to make informed purchasing decisions. However, not all sources are created equal. C+R conducted research, asking consumers about 24 different sources they use when making a purchase decision.
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