brand loyalty
Omnichannel Consumer
With the increasing shift to online channels this past year, consumers digital preferences have matured and expectations have risen.  Personalization, customer journeys and online experiences are being scrutinized more than ever and those who have traditionally shopped at brick-and-mortar locations are expecting the same experiences online that they have received at physical locations. Take a...
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Brand Loyalty
Customer Retention Marketing Trends and Tactics Customer acquisition is usually cited as a top strategy for many brands. However, customer retention is just as important in contributing to the bottom line.  In an age where consumers have hundreds of choices when choosing products and services, maintaining brand loyalty has a massive impact. Here are some...
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Customer Acquisition
Only 9% of U.S. Consumers Say They’re Brand Loyal Gone may be the days when 80% of a company’s sales were driven by 20% of its customer base. In new research by Nielsen, only 8% of global consumers are loyal to the brands from which they’ve always bought. In the U.S., the numbers are only...
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