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Consumer Marketing
As consumers, we are surrounded by personalization throughout our day. Suggestions on Amazon based on your purchases, recommendations on Netflix based on your viewing history, offers for products from all types of brands based on your browsing history, and the list goes on.  Providing personalized recommendation to drive engagement is a top priority for marketers....
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Data of Birth Data
We are pleased to announce some exciting new enhancements to ConsumerPlus, a proprietary consumer data source which offers access to multiple consumer data files for highly targeted marketing campaigns. Our Consumer Postal Database is now at almost 223,000,000, which is an additional 3,500,000+ individuals.  We also substantially grew our Date of Birth and Consumer Age files.  Date...
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Customer Acquisition
Brand Trust is a Driving Factor for Two-Thirds of Consumers Brand loyalty is no longer just about good prices or good quality.  Brand trust is playing an increasingly important role. In research by Accenture, two-thirds of people (66%) say they are attracted to brands because a brand “does what it says it will do and...
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Online Shopping Marketing
Only 20% of Brands are Prepared to Meet the Demands of Today’s Modern Consumer According to a recent survey from CMO Council and Worldwide Partners of more than 350 global marketing leaders, only one-fifth of brands say they are prepared to meet the demands and needs of the modern customer. Another 73% stated they are...
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Retailers and marketers across industries are well aware that consumers today are in charge. They use multiple devices, numerous channels, and are always connected. The consumer journey is disjointed and fractured among numerous touchpoints, yet consumers continue to demand more from brands and expect retailers to cater to their needs. Marketers are under more pressure...
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