customer loyalty
Customer Loyalty Marketing
What Data are Marketers Using for Loyalty Programs? Loyalty programs incentivize your customers to shop at your stores and advocate for your brand. With so many options available consumers today, more brands are turning to loyalty programs as a way to keep good customers coming back. Loyalty Programs Work According to research compiled by AnnexCloud:...
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Customer Acquisition
Brand Trust is a Driving Factor for Two-Thirds of Consumers Brand loyalty is no longer just about good prices or good quality.  Brand trust is playing an increasingly important role. In research by Accenture, two-thirds of people (66%) say they are attracted to brands because a brand “does what it says it will do and...
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Ecommerce Shopping
How to Drive Customer Loyalty and Repeat Purchases with Experience–Driven Commerce U.S. consumer online sales is expected to pass $500 billion by 2020. However, consumers don’t always head to a site to make a purchase. In fact, according to an Episerver study, “Reimagining Commerce,” most shoppers will visit a website to do something other than...
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new mover lists
Even though it can be an exciting and happy experience, moving is still ranked as one of the top 5 most stressful life events. On the one hand it can be a fresh start, but on the other it involves many changes in established routines. It’s also a great time of risk and opportunity for...
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