data enhancement
Customer Data Platform
According to research by IDG, 66% of those polled declared data quality and accuracy as a “top priority”. However, brands feel the impacts of poor quality and fragmented data on a daily basis. Customer acquisition and retention depend on clean and accurate insights in order for brands to know their customers and provide award-winning and...
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Customer Engagement
How to Drive Meaningful Customer Engagements and Better Marketing Outcomes Customer engagement is defined as all the interactions a customer has with your brand. It’s the ongoing relationship a brand orchestrates, and a customer chooses to engage with, in order to boost retention and loyalty. An engaged customer spends more and is often a band’s...
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Young woman reading a text message in shopping mall
Companies today can’t afford to lose their customer base and repeat business. While focusing on new customer acquisition should always be a goal, it can cost 7 times more to gain a new customer than retaining a current one. Brands that excel at winning repeat business get 76% of their revenue from repeat customers (RJ Metrics). It’s easier to...
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