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digital marketing
Digital Marketing Statistics
Digital marketing continues to grow. Consumers use multiple online and offline channels when researching and purchasing and often traverse between devices when they do so. Marketers are inundated by more types of digital data and are continually adjusting their strategies to ingest more data and to improve their marketing execution. While we know digital marketing...
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Consumers use multiple channels when shopping across industries and the auto industry is no exception. Taking this one step further, consumers not only use multiple channels but they expect to receive the same personalized experience across each of these channels – a personalized, omnichannel experience. However, digital channels are not the only way consumers shop...
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Mobile is an integral aspect of every successful business. Connected consumers can’t get enough mobile screen time and this trend is only growing. According to Deloitte research, almost 80% of global consumers have smartphones, nearly 10% own wearables, more than 50% have tablets, and 7% own all three. Additionally, 93% of the consumers in emerging...
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Numerous digital technologies and online marketing channels are available to today’s marketers, however email marketing is still considered the giant of digital marketing. In fact, email is actually increasing in popularity as younger generations flock to their smartphones to communicate with their peers, social networks, and favorite brands.
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Marketing Data Quality
If you are an email marketer, you have only 3 seconds to capture the attention of your audience. That’s a really short window of time. In fact, the odds aren’t even that good. The majority of marketing emails are determined attention-worthy in the time frame of zero to three seconds. This is according to the...
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