in-market consumers
Purchase Intent Marketing 2020
2020 Modern Marketer’s Success Kit to Purchase Intent Marketing The 2020 Success Kit to Purchase Intent Marketing gives you access to some of our most informative resources on in-market shoppers and purchase intent marketing trends, strategies and tactics. The most convenient way to research, this success kit contains topic focused blogs, webinars, white papers, case...
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Customer Acquisition
Only 9% of U.S. Consumers Say They’re Brand Loyal Gone may be the days when 80% of a company’s sales were driven by 20% of its customer base. In new research by Nielsen, only 8% of global consumers are loyal to the brands from which they’ve always bought. In the U.S., the numbers are only...
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Car signals
How V12 Signals Has Revolutionized Car Sales 4x the Sales Conversion Rate of other Automotive Lead Data Undoubtedly, mobile has become an integral part of the car buying journey, but are you ready for an innovative technology that will disrupt and enhance your marketing program?  It is now possible to target actual, in-market consumers with...
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