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New Mover Data
How to Acquire New Customers With New Mover Marketing New movers represent a lucrative segment for many businesses. Movers are not only a high-spending group, they are also in a transitional stage which makes them more open to developing new brand loyalties. In fact, new mover annual expenditures exceed $150 billion and they are five...
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If you aren’t marketing to new movers – you’re missing out! Approximately 40 million people move in the U.S. each year, and the 2015 New Mover Report by Epsilon found that the average household spends about $9,000 on goods, services, financial, and insurance products.  Not calculated in that spend is the available customer lifetime value if the household can...
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new mover marketing
Did you know that the average American household moves every five to seven years? With each move, they are spending on a variety of new products and services. In fact, new movers spend more in the first 3-6 months ($10,000-$12,000) on their new home than they will in the next 3 years with an annual...
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