Purchase Intent Marketing
third-party cookies
The end of the third-party cookie is fast approaching. Marketers have relied on cookies for years – so what exactly does this change mean and how will solutions evolve? First, what exactly is a cookie? Not to ignore the sweet, chocolate chip cookie varieties, however, we’ll focus this post on the digital cookie definition: “a...
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Purchase Intent Marketing 2020
2020 Modern Marketer’s Success Kit to Purchase Intent Marketing The 2020 Success Kit to Purchase Intent Marketing gives you access to some of our most informative resources on in-market shoppers and purchase intent marketing trends, strategies and tactics. The most convenient way to research, this success kit contains topic focused blogs, webinars, white papers, case...
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customer acquisition
81% of Digital Retailers Rank Customer Acquisition as Highest Marketing Priority Customer acquisition is a top priority for many industries, and this is certainly no exception for ecommerce retail brands. Retailers are investing highly in acquisition marketing. According to research by Oracle, 81% of ecommerce retailers stated that customer acquisition was their biggest marketing investment...
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