Top 15 Marketing Charts of 2019

2020 is fast approaching. And soon will come all the great pieces on marketing trends and predictions for the new year.  However, before looking forward, as a marketer, I love charts so here’s a look back at some of the top marketing charts of 2019.

  1. Most Important Challenges for 2019
    Back in January, research by WARC listed brand marketers’ most important challenges for the year.  Among the top challenges were growth in a slow economy, big data management, digital transformation and building a purposeful brand.  It will be interesting to see what the top challenges are slated to be for 2020?

    Most Important Marketing Challenges

  2. Most Exciting Opportunity for 2019
    Just as interesting was this chart from Econsultancy/Adobe on companies’ single most exciting opportunity. B2B marketers stated optimizing the customer experience and B2C companies cited data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual as prime opportunities.  Expect these to be strong themes for 2020 as well.

    Most Important Marketing Opportunity

  3. Scott Brinker’s Martech Landscape
    Released annually at the spring MarTech conference, we’ve seen the marketing technology landscape chart grow year after year. In 2011 when this chart was first introduced, 150 marketing technologies existed.  Today, the chart now records 7,040 (click here to see enlarged version)

    Scott Brinker Martech

  4. MarTech Spend Up to 30% of Marketing Budgets
    With so many new marketing technologies available, CMOs are spending. In 2019, marketing spend on technology was close to one-third of marketing budgets according to research by WARC/BDO.

    Martech Share of Budget 2019

  5. Email Marketing Effectiveness vs Difficulty
    Email marketing is the most common channel for personalization, however according to Ascend2’s survey, while personalized messages are highly effective, they also rank as the most difficult type of email to deploy.

    Three in 5 (62%) email marketers chose personalization as being among their most effective types of email. Nearly half (47%) of survey respondents stated that personalization is also the most difficult type of email to execute.

    Email Marketing Effectiveness

  6. Social Media Trends
    Social media is constantly evolving with platforms coming and going.  To get a pulse on the current state of which platforms are in and which are on the way out, Social Media Examiner examined the most popular – and not so popular – platforms of 2019. The new platform TikTok is gaining in popularity – where do you think this will fall for 2020?

    Social Media Marketing 2019

  7. Consumer’s Information Sources About Brands
    So where do consumers get their purchase inspiration today?  Where should markets be focusing their attention?  In research by Kantar, internet and websites rank pretty highly, which means that having a strong digital presence is a must in today’s environment.  Consumers are also using a variety of other sources, some of which hey trust more than others.

    Consumer Brand Information Sources

  8. Budget Trends by Channel
    Email, social and digital are all valuable sources of information and purchase for consumers. So where are B2B and B2C marketers investing their budgets? According to Kantar, spend is expected to increase in online video, social, podcasts, advanced TV and online display while decreasing in newspapers and magazines.

    Budget Marketing Channels

  9. Tactics to Reduce Customer Churn
    There is always a strong focus on customer acquisition but reducing customer churn is just as important. A brand loyalty tactics survey by Brightback highlights interesting differences between B2B and B2C when it comes to customer retention.

    Tactics Reduce Customer Churn

  10. Techniques to Boost Customer Lifetime Value
    How can we get more value from our current customer bases? RedEye conducted research on some of the most effective techniques. For example, predictive analytics are providing an uplift in customer lifetime value, with 32% of companies reporting a significant uplift. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and customer data platforms also ranked highly.

    Techniques Boost Customer Lifetime Value

  11. Most Vital Capabilities Supporting Marketing Strategies
    CMOs are focused on a range of tactics to stay competitive. They are looking at which channels to include in their marketing mix, which technologies to add to their martech stacks, and are focused on their opportunities and ways to overcome challenges.  They also must consider which internal capabilities and tactics they need to adopt to achieve these goals.

    In research by Gartner, some of the top tactics include a focus on market research and competitive insights, marketing analytics, digital ecommerce and marketing operations.

    Capabilities Supporting Marketing Strategies

  12. Customer Experience Challenges
    Customer experience is not firmly entrenched as a top-of-mind-strategy for marketers. Brands compete on CX, consumers are willing to pay more from a great experience, and research points to brands competing on customer experience as the main differentiator in the future. However, great CX is not always easy to achieve.  Research by the CMO Survey points to some of the top challenges in implementing a successful CX strategy.

    12)	Customer Experience Challenges

  13. Data-Driven Personalization
    Data-driven marketing has taken root and delivering a better experience to customers is a top goal for a data-driven personalization strategy to achieve for nearly two-thirds (64%) of marketing influencers surveyed. Increasing visitor engagement and increasing conversion rates are also primary objectives according to 44% and 43% of those surveyed, respectively. (Ascend2)

    Data-Driven Personalization

  14. Brand Loyalty – Consumers are Open to Switching Brands
    Just how loyal are consumers to the brands they frequently purchase? Only 9% of U.S. consumers say they’re brand. Only 36% of Americans say they love trying new brands and products, a full 8 percentage points lower than the global average of 42%. (Nielsen)

    Brand Loyalty

  15. And for Fun – Top 10 Super Bowl Ads of 2019 by Views Online
    Now this brought be back – so take a few minutes, sit back and Google some of these top ads from 2019.

Super Bowl Ads 2019

Happy Marketing – Here’s to a great 2020!

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