V12’s Response to the iOS 14 Update

Apple’s release of iOS 14 and upcoming changes to Apple’s IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) is changing the mobile advertising and marketing environment. In January 2021, Apple announced that its new App Tracking Transparency framework will go into effect sometime this spring and will require users to opt in before any app can collect the IDFA, a persistent mobile device identifier.

  • The IDFA will be now require an opt in at the app level to be shared with advertisers and marketers to deliver targeted communications. This is a change from the previous opt out methodology. Users will be prompted with the following message:
  • Users will also have the ability in app settings to share general (10 mile radius) or precise location with a prompt as follows:

V12’s Impact Assessment and Path Forward.

Last year, V12 announced that it has been working on sourcing new data assets and expanding our data partnerships:

  • V12 has continually scaled our opt in location data throughout changes in the privacy landscape. While the iOS change certainly poses the latest challenge, V12’s location data scale has grown 4-5x over the last few years based on sourcing diversification, and we typically see a 75-80% opt in rate to location data. V12 is committed to continually evolving our strategy and providing marketers and consumers with accurate data and high quality experiences in a privacy-compliant environment.
  • In 2020 we activated SDK data which utilizes more applications across app stores which has led to increased traffic from this time last year.  Some examples of increases we have seen across categories include:
    • Auto Aftermarket traffic has increased 93%
    • Auto Dealership traffic has increased 68%
    • Rental Car traffic has increased 83%
  • We will further expand our sourcing to prioritize apps that have a strong reason to require precise location data. As we have always done, we will focus our sourcing on the highest quality apps that provide consumers value linked to precise location, and we will filter out approximate location values as appropriate
  • V12’s broad data footprint, first party CDP, programmatic distribution and leadership in cookieless targeting put us in perfect position to support our clients as the identity economy changes. Consumers have now come to expect high quality experiences informed by data, while also requiring that their privacy is respected.

    As the methods and tactics of people-based targeting and addressability change, V12 is in a very strong position to help our clients maximize their opportunity:
    • Our broad consumer data catalog helps add context and depth to the understanding of each consumer, and our consumer, phone and email databases provide a scaled footprint for identity resolution
    • As communicating to known first party customers and prospects becomes an even greater priority, V12’s Velocity CDP provides a flexible and scalable platform to manage relationships
    • V12 is a leader in the programmatic data market, and our vast platform relationships allow us to get the right data to where it needs to be quickly and efficiently
    • V12 is a leader in cookieless targeting, having launched V12 Signals for Auto as the first all-cookieless intent targeting dataset. We anticipate that all of our digitally addressable data will convert to cookieless over the next 2 years, and we will continue to evolve our location data as targeting and consumer privacy technology and requirements advance

Privacy Compliance Statement

V12 respects consumers’ privacy and complies with all applicable privacy laws and regulations. In addition, as a member of the ANA, V12 adheres to all applicable self-regulatory guidelines and principles. V12’s full privacy policy is available on V12’s website at www.v12data.com/v12-privacy-point-of-view.

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