V12 Discusses Targeting Beyond The Device

We are clearly in the age of the consumer—they are in charge, they have options and they will ultimately choose to do business with the brands that know them best.

With the rapid influx of data traversing in and out of channel systems, consumers fully expect brands to capture this data and use it to deliver personalized messages and experiences unique to their individual needs and expectations.

Ultimately, consumers want to be treated like people and implementing smarter strategies to use customer data can help companies deliver experiences with a human touch, at scale. Connect with people, not just devices.

With the introduction of many new digital channels, marketing unfortunately hasn’t caught up and data strategies are often divided between the offline and online worlds. It’s not uncommon for a company to have a digital advertising department, a social marketing team and a separate team dedicated to offline or print strategies.

However, consumers don’t differentiate between channels and expect their purchase experience and every brand interaction to be seamless, whether they are offline or online. For years, marketers have relied heavily on mass campaign distribution. However, the reality is to stay competitive, marketers need to reexamine their targeting strategies to deliver hyper-personalized messaging at the individual level.

This gave rise to the concept of people-based marketing, a data-driven approach that focuses on connecting brands with actual individuals across devices and channels. At the forefront of people-based marketing, V12 understands the competitive imperative of individual-level targeting.

Our processes map multiple sources of offline data such as demographics, lifestyle information and purchase data into online audience segments. However, unlike many data providers, we deterministically match at the individual level to identify real people, not just their devices. We provide individual and customized data to help marketers keep pace with consumers as they journey across channels and touchpoints, and in turn, deliver one-to-one messaging to increase engagement.

Target in-market audiences

Marketing to consumers based on real-time behaviors and life event changes offers a wealth of opportunities for brands. While marketers have been marketing to consumers for years based on events, data solution providers have become more sophisticated in how they source life-defining moments and in-market behaviors.

By matching offline and online identities, marketers can use more advanced methods to seamlessly target consumers across channels before the window of opportunity is lost.

New mover audience targeting

A prime example of people-based marketing is targeting new movers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 40MM people move each year, which means the average business needs to replace about 20 percent of its customer base that move away in any given year.

Targeting new movers looking to establish a relationship with local businesses is an important strategy for industries and businesses of any type.

Originally posted on Oracle Data Cloud

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