V12 Wellness Program Promotes Connection and Performance

As the U.S. begins a third month of quarantines and social distancing, an equally insidious contagion seems to be on the rise: the COVID-19 Blues–a sly and heady combination of anxiety, isolation, frustration, overindulging, and lethargy affecting many of us.

Recognizing the need to provide special support to our team members during this time and to ensure our people continue to feel connected to each other and to the business, V12 has launched a 12-part wellness webinar series designed to lessen anxiety, to encourage exercise and mobility, and to inspire good health foundations during our virus-driven lockdown.

wellness webinar

The webinars, delivered in partnership with Knead, a Boston-based wellness business, include nutrition discussions and demonstrations; meditation, visualization, and breathing technique workshops; and stretching and gentle yoga classes. The virtual events are available to all V12 team members at no cost, and friends and family with whom they are quarantining are welcome to participate too.  Using webcams fosters a fun human connection, and the techniques may be practiced together long after COVID-19 is a bad memory.

While offering these learning events is benevolent during the pandemic, there is more, explains Anne Kurzenberger, Chief People Officer of V12. “Out of balance diets, insufficient exercise, and anxiety interfere with top personal performance. Through our wellness workshops, team members may come to see themselves as business athletes, training to be resilient and adaptive to change; to be connected and aligned; and to be sharp and focused –all to feel their best, to perform at their best to grow the business. It’s a win-win solution: our people know we care about their well-being and the business can count on our people delivering through this challenge.  We’re fortunate to have the support of our CEO, Andy Frawley, for this important investment in our people at a critical time, and I’m delighted that our team members are having fun staying connected and learning key wellness skills together.”

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