You simply can’t afford to lose repeat business. It costs 5x more to acquire new customers than to keep your current ones.

Drive new revenue and reactivate inactive customers with V12’s CRM Reactivation Platform

Studies show that it costs 5x more to acquire new customers than to keep your current ones. Brands cannot afford to lose repeat business. 

However, the inevitable attrition occurs for the majority of brands. Though consumers may not formally opt out, a significant number of formerly active buyers simply stop engaging with a brand’s email communications:

Email Reactivation

V12’s CRM Email Reactivation Solution

We offer a multi-faceted approach to the challenge of inactive email records including data hygiene, program design and robust analytics:

V12 will verify the deliverability of emails using proprietary data cleansing methods.

Data Matching
As an option, the non-verified emails are then run through our email database to append a deliverable email. Typical match rates are as follows:

  • Individual match: 16% – 42%
  • Household & Individual match: 27% – 60%

Data Enhancement
Using our multi-validated data resources, V12 enhances a client’s files with relevant attributes to improve segmentation.

Program Design
Our services include creative splits, image hosting, opt-out links, personalization, creative changes, testing/re-testing of seed deployments and suppression of client files.

Dedicated Sending Infrastructure
We work closely with you to facilitate the setup, testing and whitelisting of new domains to protect your domain score and sending reputation.

Email Tracking
Each campaign utilizes a unique indicator that can be tracked.

We will build your campaigns using A/B testing recommendations and industry best practices to position your campaigns for success.

V12 offers an ultra-secure data management environment.

Additional options include:

  • Reactivation campaigns to re-engage specific customer segments
  • Trigger-based retargeting campaigns to buyers who have abandoned shopping carts
  • Ad hoc email campaigns according to your marketing calendar

Our Email Reactivation solution has been developed over the course of ten years. We have become the experts in the reactivation world and understand the nuances in dealing with this very complicated email ecosystem. We have experience, the know how, and proven track record to make your reactivation program successful.


Short Case Studies

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