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You simply can’t afford to lose repeat business. It costs 5x more to acquire new customers than to keep your current ones.

Drive new revenue and reactivate inactive customers with V12’s CRM Reactivation Platform

V12 delivers a multi-faceted approach to the challenge of inactive email records

This proprietary workflow process addresses distinct elements central to the success of CRM reactivation including data hygiene, program design, data enhancement, creative and offer, and delivery and response analysis.

The Challenge: Effectively re-engaging former buyers while minimizing costly IP reputation risk

According to eMarketer, email is cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the U.S., while also serving as the foundation of the marketing-to-sales funnel for the majority of B2B and B2C marketers.

However, the inevitable attrition occurs for the majority of brands. Though consumers may not formally opt out, a significant number of formerly active buyers simply stop engaging with the brand’s email communications and are removed from the CRM programs altogether.

Ultimately, these inactive records become an impediment to strong engagement metrics, adversely impacting deliverability and prompting companies to cease marketing to these customers, thereby eliminating all future revenue potential.

Given that numerous studies demonstrate that opt-in consumers are more profitable than those who cannot be communicated with via email, marketers cannot afford to ignore unengaged buyers. These inactive buyers no longer need to sit dormant, there is an option to reactivate these opt-in consumers and drive additional revenue.

By every measure, reactivation pays tremendous dividends when well executed, demonstrating that successful brands must view reactivation as an ongoing strategic tool rather than a one-and-done activity.

Our Approach: The V12 CRM Email Reactivation Platform

CRM Email Reactivation from V12 delivers a multi-faceted approach to the challenge of inactive email records. From superior data hygiene to robust analytics, our proprietary workflow process addresses the three distinct elements central to the success of every CRM reactivation program:
Email Reactivation


V12 will verify the deliverability of the emails via several proven proprietary methods.

Data Matching
As an option, the non-verified emails (as a result of the hygiene process) are then run through our email database to append a deliverable email. V12 runs initial sample match tests to determine the potential impact available. Typical match rates are as follows:

  • Individual match: 16% – 42%
  • Household & Individual match: 27% – 60%

Data Enhancement
Using our multi-validated data resources, V12 enhances a client’s files with relevant attributes to improve segmentation.

Program Design
Our proven reactivation approach is deliberately planned and strategic in nature. Services include creative splits; image hosting; opt-out links; personalization; creative changes; testing/re-testing of seed deployments and suppression of client files.


Dedicated Sending Infrastructure
We work closely with Tier-1 brands to facilitate the setup, testing and whitelisting of new domains to protect their CRM domain score and sending reputation.

Email Tracking
Each client campaign typically utilizes a unique indicator that connects to their analytical package for tracking.

Creative Support
As a result of data enhancement, improved segmentation leads to more relevant messaging. In combination with A/B testing recommendations to assessment of inbox placement, V12 offers insightful guidance on industry best practices to position our clients’ campaigns for engagement and success.


Well versed in the needs of brands with tight data security obligations, V12 offers an ultra-secure data management environment, operating in an IBM SOC2, with full representation and warranty in our ability to use data for the purposes outlined in this solution. We are accustomed to agreements that fully protect the data and intellectual property of both our client and V12.

Driving Expansion of the Customer Base
The V12 CRM Email Reactivation Platform provides material increases in the size of the customer base that a Tier-1 brand can communicate with using email. Most commonly, these include:

  • Customers who have not yet opted in to receive email communications
  • Opt-in buyers who have stopped engaging with these communications
  • Customer addresses that suffer syntax errors or other non-deliverability issues

Flexible usage options provide the opportunity to create and deploy:

  • Reactivation campaigns to re-engage specific customer segments
  • Trigger-based re-targeting campaigns to buyers who have abandoned shopping carts
  • Ad hoc email campaigns according to the client’s marketing calendar

Turning former customers into high-value repeat buyers
According to a recent Marketing Sherpa study, upwards of 75 percent of email subscribers are inactive.

Because reactivation campaigns build upon prior marketing investments to re-engage buyers with some level of brand familiarity, they can deliver significant incremental revenue gains. A secondary benefit is an increase in these buyers’ receptivity to future campaigns.

By every measure, reactivation pays tremendous dividends when well executed, demonstrating that successful brands must view reactivation as an ongoing strategic tool rather than a one-and-done activity.

Part art and part science, The V12 CRM Email Reactivation Platform has been developed over the course of five years, with very few, if any, companies mastering such a program. We have become the experts in the reactivation world and understand the nuances in dealing with this very complicated email ecosystem. We have experience, the know how, and proven track record to make your reactivation program successful.


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