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V12 Signals Provides Visibility into 100% of U.S. Auto Sales

500% growth in Signals mobile lot visit identification represents a radical advancement in automotive targeting

Now, you can target over 100MM+ consumers actively visiting dealer lots and browsing for cars online and automotive marketers can now market to real people across channels based on their actual behavior.

  • V12’s Signals Mobile identifies 71MM individual on-lot shoppers annually
  • New product V12 Signals Online identifies 50MM individual automotive web browsers annually
  • At historical conversion rates, V12 Signals identifies shoppers and buyers for 17MM cars and light trucks annually—or 100% of the U.S. 2019 sales run rate
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V12 Signals family of purchase intent products is the largest and most accurate in-market shopping database in the automotive industry

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V12 Signals Online captures online auto browsing and shopping behavior data collected in real-time and markets to cookie-less audience clusters of consumers in market to buy a car.

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V12 Signals Mobile provides brands with insights on consumers who have recently visited their dealership or a competitive lot.

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V12 Signals WebID allows brands to identify up to 50% of unknown website visitors and market to them with omnichannel campaigns.

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V12 Signals Events provides behavioral and lifestyle triggers which often indicate intent to purchase.