Digital Data Licensing: Now Unlimited Access to V12’s Complete Data Catalog and Audiences

Take control of your audiences with V12’s high quality and highly predictive consumer audiences.

Powered by AudienceLink, our digital licensing solution is a multi-verified data source built using high quality data products that deliver both depth and breadth covering consumer and business audiences. We house 260+ million consumer contacts with full address, 190+ million VINs and 300+ million consumer emails. Our proprietary data offers comprehensive national coverage based on first party data assets supplemented with dozens of the most trusted and respected third party sources.

Our data licensing is available with zero restrictions on data usage at flat fee pricing.

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Power your campaign performance with V12’s high-performing purchase-intender audiences, powered by V12 Signals

Reach audiences actively shopping for products and services you sell at 4x the sales conversion rates and 3x the engagement rates of other audience data sets.

Powered by V12’s industry-leading purchase intender solution, V12 Signals, these audiences include consumers who are expressing active buying indicators based on recent store visits or online browsing behaviors. Our audiences have been scaled across the full US population by applying machine learning techniques across our 260+ million consumer database. Audiences are available across all industries.

Custom Audiences

V12 provides you with the flexibility to create customized audiences that are unique to your organization. We employ proprietary digital profiling techniques to analyze aggregated customer attributes to form a detailed composite of your “ideal” buyer.

Our analytics capabilities allow you to understand purchasing behaviors, target unique segments, build application specific models, and prioritize opportunities to optimize marketing spend on just the right audience for each campaign.

Consumer Audiences

ConsumerLink, a proprietary consumer data source, offers access to multiple consumer data files for highly targeted marketing campaigns. Data is built from hundreds of sources including public records, phone directories, U.S. Census data, consumer surveys, and many more proprietary sources.

Data is available on 260+ million consumers, most with exact age and estimated income information; 50 million individuals with shopping behavior and lifestyle categories; and 130 million identified mail order buyers and responders. Data elements include Date of Birth, Home Ownership, Occupation, Gender, Donors, Estimated Income, Age, Telephone Number, Ethnicity, Credit Card, and many more.

Automotive Audiences

V12 possesses the leading VIN dataset with 190+ million VINs to help you reach consumers that are in the market to buy a vehicle, purchase auto parts and service, and more. VIN data is available for all 50 states, including privacy states, and our automotive file is 100% populated with Make, Model and Year as derived directly from VINs.

CPG Audiences

Our CPG data identifies consumers with a strong propensity to purchase in a specific product category. These attributes are built from a universe of over 20+ million households who have reported purchases across 116+ product categories. Examples are buyers of baked goods, beverage buyers, pet food buyers, and more.

Mover Audiences

Reach consumers throughout the entire move stage. Whether a consumer has just listed a house for sale and is a premover or has just moved into a new home, V12 has the data you need to reach them at the right moment during their move process.

Freedom to Choose Your Channels

Activate your audiences across unlimited channels without limitations.

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