Email Reactivation

Major Retailer


times ROI


20% of their CRM email file went dormant equating to slightly over 20 million records. The retailer knew that these individuals are transacting but the ESP would not deploy emails without an “open” within 12 months. 


Drive sales by emailing these non-openers and measure both AOV and ROI to determine success.


Developed a program to coincide with their weekly CRM deployments using the same cadence and creative. Openers would be returned to the CRM email database as a result. However this was not the goal of the program. 


The AOV, of the dormant email, was exactly the same as the CRM results of the same time frame. There was a 2.3 times ROI. Proving that just because a person does not “open” an email, doesn’t mean they won’t transact directly with the retailer. Program is in its 4th year running.

A national retailer increased brand reach and engagement through V12’s reactivation program


reactivated email addresses


winback rate

The story.

A national retailer wanted to reactivate a large file of lapsed email addresses.

They were not engaging with these inactive email addresses due to existing email service provider restraints that enforce recency of email addresses.

V12 provided a dedicated ISP infrastructure, as well as executed a custom deployment plan.

The results.

V12 reactivated 3.5 million email addresses, enabling the client to grow reach and engagement with their brand.

These emails have been added to the client’s daily email deployment plan, and the project is ongoing.

The reactivated email addresses provided a 7:1 ROI in terms of conversions/purchases. The campaign also generated:

  • 2.22% open rate
  • .61% clicks to delivered
  • 27.36% clicks to open



emails that were verified as either active or dormant


dormant emails appended with new email addresses


Old emails and lacking emails on their customer database and lapsed customer file.


Hygiene the emails and append new emails where possible.  Looking to verify 100% of the data and append emails to 20 to 40% of the records. (Important to note: Emails are mostly used for linking accounts, verification (web services), and status emails.)


V12 ran the entire file through hygiene processes and append an email to records deemed not valid.


100% of the email data was verified as either active or dormant. Of the dormant emails, 24.7% were appended with a new V12 email address. The accuracy of the data has been proven, thus this program has been set up for monthly hygiene and is under contract.

National Retail Chain


times appended records outperformed CRM emails


opt-out rate after 5 deployments


Lacking emails on a portion of their 10 million record CRM database.


Append as many emails as possible and condition them for email marketing programs. Have the appended emails ready for the 2017 Holiday Season.


V12 performed the append and matched 26.7%. Strategized, developed and executed an email append “warming” program to introduce emails into the inbox and minimize opt outs. Measure ROI.


After 5 email deployments, the opt out rate was under .5% allowing the majority of emails to be merged into the CRM database and used for the holiday mailings. The V12 appended records out performed CRM emails by 2.1 times.