Crush your Q4 Sales Goals by Targeting and Converting Active In-Market Holiday Shoppers

Programs to Target and Convert In-Market Shoppers, Robust Omnichannel Data Append and Industry-Leading Email Services

Reach busy shoppers this holiday season with the V12 Holiday Revenue Driver Suite of Products. Our program contains 4 key components to skyrocket your holiday sales including programs to target and convert in-market shoppers, robust omnichannel data append, industry-leading email services and program activation.

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Target and Convert In-Market Holiday Shoppers, Powered by V12 Signals

  • Reach consumers who are actively browsing online for products you sell. We provide massive visibility into behavioral data and searches occurring on over 90% of internet-connected devices every month.
  • Reach shoppers who have recently visited your store or a competitor’s location. Each lead includes name and address and is often enhanced with additional demographic, lifestyle and contact data.
    holiday marketing


Maximize your Data with High Quality Append Services

Assure your success with our complete suite of data append services. Fill in missing gaps in your data, fix inaccurate information and append missing emails to gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s characteristics and buying behaviors. We offer append services including:

  • Email Address
  • In-Market Behaviors
  • Demographics
  • Channel Preferences
  • Lifestyle
  • Life Event Triggers
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Psychographics

Supercharge Your Holiday Email with V12’s Market Leading Email Solutions

Acquire new shoppers with V12’s 2x verified email data, drive conversions of your email engagers and leverage our Active Email Responder file, consumers who are known to actively engage with brand emails.

With our email reactivation solution, you can quickly re-engage your dormant customers just in time for the Holiday shopping season using our proprietary 2-step reactivation process to maximize email re-engagement and increase your targetable email audience in short order.

V12 will manage programs through our own ESP, assuring maximum response.

Activate Program Across Channels

Access our in-market data audiences as a stand alone asset or let us do the work for you. Our omnichannel, demand-driving programs are designed to ensure you are able to take advantage of our fast-moving data sets in real-time.

Simply choose the in-market audiences you want to reach and we will deploy programs for you, using your creative or ours. We offer email, direct mail and digital advertising services.omnichannel programs

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