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[WEBINAR] MQLs, In-Market Behavior and Managing Experiences

Identifying and targeting consumers who are ready to buy your products and services is the goal of every marketer. However, finding these lower funnel prospects before they purchase is not an exact science… until now.

Check out this on-demand webinar as we discuss strategies and tactics to manage customer experiences, solutions to identify shoppers expressing active intent to purchase, and an introduction to mobile-location solution V12 Signals and how it is being used by marketers to identify in-market shoppers within 24-48 hours of visiting a store location.


  • Identify consumers who have recently visited your storeā€”or a competitor’s location
  • Implement omnichannel strategies to target consumers who have expressed active purchase intent
  • Case learning proving higher lead conversions and increased engagement from clients actively using V12 Signals will also be shared
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