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New Mover Marketing: The Untapped Opportunity that Will Transform Your Customer Acquisition

DATE: Tues, April 16, 2019

TIME: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

New movers represent a lucrative segment for many businesses. Movers are not only a high-spending group, they are also in a transitional stage which makes them more open to developing new brand loyalties.

In this webinar, customer acquisition solutions provider, V12, will discuss how businesses across industries can significantly boost their customer acquisition by targeting new movers.

Key Topics:

  • An overview of moving trends, statistics and the spending habits of new movers.
  • How to effectively target new movers across channels with personalized messaging.
  • When and how to to best engage new movers including the most effective channels and timing according to industry.
  • Case studies and best practices showing how brands have achieved 4,000% ROI using orchestrated new mover marketing programs.

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