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[WEBINAR] 2021 New Mover Trends: Marketing to Today's Mover

DATE: Thurs, Oct 07, 2021

TIME: 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST

Join our webinar as V12 unveils new research, conducted with the Harris Poll, featuring the 2021 New Mover Trends Report. We will explore the state of today’s new movers and discuss valuable opportunities for brands to reach a lucrative audience of consumers who are actively spending.

Highlights of the webinar will include:

  • Profile of Today’s Mover including what motivates moves such as changes in life events. For example, almost two-thirds (64%) of those surveyed experienced a life event before moving, such as new employment, graduating from college, getting married, or becoming a parent.
  • How Today’s Mover Spends including how movers research and spend. Research findings show that movers are predominantly researching and finding products and services prior to the move, with top products and services being solar panels (54%), automobile repair and maintenance (52%), home improvement and repair supplies (48%), and financial services and banking (47%).
  • How Today’s Mover Feels including a look at the current economic environment. According to the study, 72% of new movers who have moved in the past 12 months, say the process of moving (e.g., packing, buying a home, selling a home) was more stressful than they imagined and 68% felt that moving during the COVID-19 pandemic was more difficult than moving prior to the pandemic.

We will also share tips and advice on how brands should adjust their marketing efforts based on the study findings to better engage movers before, during, and after their move.

You won’t want to miss this information-packed webinar!  All attendees will also receive a free copy of the 2021 New Mover Trends Report. 

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