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[WEBINAR] Acquire In-Market Furniture Shoppers with V12's All-in-One Marketing CDP Solution

As an industry leader in omnichannel data intelligence, V12 Data is a trusted partner of leading furniture brands. In this webinar, we will explore data and technology solutions to acquire in-market furniture shoppers while maximizing your ROI.  We will discuss key strategies for furniture customer acquisition and retention including:

  • How to target in-market shoppers who have visited a furniture store within the previous 24-48 hours.
  • A demo of V12’s CDP (Customer Data Platform), an all-in-one customer acquisition and retention package. We will show you how to acquire in-market shoppers in a matter of weeks with our quick-start acquisition program or choose to access our full Customer Data Platform for more robust, end-to-end marketing strategy execution.
  • How to use data sets such as lifestyle, trigger data, new mover data, demographics and behavioral data to get to know your customers and identify and target your ideal audience.
  • How to reactivate dormant customers using our CRM email reactivation solution with a proven 7:01 ROI.
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