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[WEBINAR] Apple Privacy Changes - How Your Marketing Should Respond


Estimates vary based on whose data you use, but it’s fair to assume that about 30-50% of your email list is using Apple Mail and Apple devices to open emails. With its recent iOS 15 update, Apple released a series of privacy updates designed to protect consumer privacy by blocking ad trackers and cloaking email activity.

While Apple has long been an advocate of consumer data privacy, this latest update is causing a stir among marketers and agencies who rely on these first-party data insights to reach Apple consumers.

In this webinar, we dive into what these privacy updates mean for your marketing, in particular email, and how you should respond.

Specific Topics Include:

  • An in-depth look at the Apple privacy changes, including Mail Privacy Protection, Hide My Email and Private Relay
  • How to adapt your email marketing strategies and look beyond the email open rate as a primary engagement metric
  • How to collect more first-party data and utilize third-party insights to better understand your target audience and send more engaging campaigns
  • How to target in-market audiences with a rich array of demographic, lifestyle, and intent data to keep your KPIs strong
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