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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Powering Customer Acquisition with Cutting-Edge Purchase Intent Data

On-Demand Webinar

A few things are certain – consumer expectations are never constant or consistent. Today’s car shoppers research on up to 24 different channels before making a purchase decision. Trying to determine a consumer’s intent is an ongoing challenge for automotive brands – until now.

Using hundreds of sources of offline and online data, best-in-class technology and analytics, and proprietary data methodology, we can tell you who is actively browsing for products and services you sell, who visited your competitor’s store yesterday, or who just moved into your area.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Gain an understanding of the latest new technologies automotive brands are using to boost acquisition and conquesting
  • Learn how to implement the three key pillars of intent-based marketing to skyrocket sales and boost profits for 2019
  • Get started in a matter of weeks with easy-to-use, bundled acquisition programs and services
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