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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] ConsumerPlus - It's Not Your Grandma's Consumer Data Set


According to, 44% of companies use consumer data to make marketing decisions about customer acquisition. For B2C brands, consumer data should be at the heart of all your marketing efforts.

To power your marketing, V12 has recently introduced ConsumerPlus, the biggest, deepest and most flexible data set in the industry.

In this webinar, V12 will give an overview of ConsumerPlus and how you can use it to strengthen your marketing efforts.


  • An overview of the consumer data landscape and the types of data available in the market today
  • An overview of the available data in ConsumerPlus including demographics, shopping behavior, lifestyle categories, and contact data
  • How to access V12’s consumer data set for your marketing campaigns
  • An overview of the ConsumerPlus confidence scoring system for highly flexible marketing across use cases
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