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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] How Customer Journeys Can Drive More Sales


Customer journeys can increase marketing ROI by 54% and upsell revenue by 56%. Brands are increasingly utilizing Customer Data Platforms to seamlessly orchestrate customer journeys with personalized communications across every interaction.  

In this 30-minute webinar, V12 explores how brands are using CDPs to integrate data to better understand their customers and prospects and then orchestrate customer journeys proven to convert.

Key Topics Include:

  • How a CDP helps marketers manage automated customer journeys that engage uniquely at every stage, based on each individual’s behavior
  • How to create campaigns that recognize if customers have visited your website, browsed certain product categories, opened your emails or visited your stores
  • How to deliver relevant content, at the right time, to support your campaign and ensure they keep moving through the journey – to increase conversion rates and lifetime value
  • A short demo of how to use V12’s Customer Data Platform to create a variety of customer journeys
Customer Journey Mapping

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