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[WEBINAR] The New Age of Data Privacy: Strategies to Maximize Your 1st Party Data ROI

Data is foundation of every effective marketing strategy, used to obtain insights into consumer preferences, behaviors, and in-market indicators. With a stricter focus on data privacy legislation, marketers must prepare for a monumental shift.

In this webinar, omnichannel powerhouse V12 Data will discuss the growing importance of 1st party data and how marketers can use their internal CRM data to create rich 1:1 customer experiences without sacrificing marketing effectiveness.


  • A look at the stricter age of privacy data legislation and what marketers can expect in the changing landscape.
  • Why marketers must embrace their 1st party data assets as consumer concerns increase around data privacy.
  • How to create exceptional customer experiences and 1:1 relationships by blending 1st party data with privacy-compliant 3rd party data assets.
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