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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Email Marketing Best Practices During Covid-19


Covid-19 has resulted in a surge in email marketing. For many brands, email has become the only method of outreach to customers and prospects as brands strive to stay sensitive to the situation, while at the same time, maintain business growth.

In this 30-minute webinar, V12 discusses important tips and email best practices to engage customers and prospects with positive experiences and messages that convert. 

Key Topics Include:

  • An overview of the current landscape and the types of messaging today’s consumers are seeking from brands
  • Best practices for getting your email data in shape and how to maintain data quality on an ongoing basis
  • Tips and tricks on how to optimize your messaging to get through cluttered inboxes
  • How to identify active, in-market shoppers and use email to engage with personalized messaging
Email Marketing 2020

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