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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] How to Build Your Ideal Customer Profile


A marketing campaign without an ideal customer profile (ICP) is basically just a shot in the dark. You can’t effectively market to consumers if you don’t know who your audience is.

In this 30-minute, on-demand webinar, V12 discusses how to use data and analytics to create an ideal profile of your best customers and how to use that profile to put personalized campaigns into market.

Key Topics Include:

  • An overview of what an ideal customer profile is and how it can be used to pinpoint your marketing messaging.
  • How to create a customer profile using your first party data, third-party data elements and analytics.
  • How to apply data insights to understand what your ideal customers are in market for, what they are buying, where they are buying it and what they are spending
  • How to use purchase journeys to engage with consumers uniquely at every stage of the journey and radically increase conversions
Ideal Customer Profile

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