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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Overview of V12's Series of Marketing Success Kits


Customer acquisition and retention is getting increasingly difficult.  Factors such as COVID-19 have forced marketers to do more with less, technologies come (customer data platforms) and go (demise of the cookie), and brands need to quickly make sense of it all while keeping an edge on the competition.  Trust us, we get it!

Which is why we have launched our series of marketing success kits.  Perhaps you have seen the emails from us?  V12’s Success Kit for Marketing in Today’s New Normal or the V12 Email Marketing Success Kit.

In the fun, 30-minute webinar, we dive into one of our success kits – full of blogs, articles, webinars and resources to help you learn the latest trends and best practices to boost your  marketing success.  We’ll show you what resources you can find, an overview of some of our (great) content and what actions you can take next to get informed and navigate today’s environment.

Email Marketing Success Kit

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