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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Playbook to Prepare for the End of Cookies


For over a decade, cookies have been used to track users and facilitate ad campaigns. In the not-so-distant future, changes imposed by browsers will stop cookies from tracking and identifying users for ad campaigns. But, with the majority of marketers relying on cookies, how can the effectiveness of ad campaigns continue when they’re gone?

In this webinar, V12 explores viable options to prepare for the end of cookies so marketers are set up for success. 

Specific Topics Include:

  • What the end of cookies means for marketers and what they can do to prepare
  • Utilizing authenticated traffic solutions: First-party data, targeting consumer ids instead of cookies/Maids, run match back analysis
  • How the loss of cookies will change the way digital ads are bought and sold
  • What technology will replace cookies
  • Proven cookie-less technology solutions marketing teams can start using right now to increase ROI and customer acquisition
google extends cookie execution deadline until late 2023

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