Move Beyond Traditional Targeting With Rich Insights and Thousands of Characteristics

V12 delivers high-quality audiences with depth and breadth based on first-party data assets supplemented with dozens of the most trusted third-party sources.

Consumer Audiences

Proprietary consumer audiences of 217+ million consumer contacts including contact information, demographics, lifestyle, interests, and more.

Additional attributes include more than 390 million phone listings, including cell phone, wireless, cable and residential VoIP and a permission-based national database of over 450 million email addresses.

Vistas Active Shopping Audiences

Experience the next generation of consumer segmentation across 22 unique consumer groups and 5 distinct shopping types.

Using the sophistication of AI and machine-learning technology, we blend our Signals purchase intent insights with our rich consumer audiences to develop a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences, lifestyles and shopping intent.

Automotive Audiences

Industry leading VIN with insights on over 217+ million consumers and 200 million VINs with linkage at the household and garage level. Audiences are available for all 50 states, including privacy states.

Available insights include vehicle make, model and year, engine size, fuel type, drive train, engine block, and engine cylinders, and Kelley Blue Book and Black Book insights.

In-Market Audiences

Reach consumers actively shopping for the products and services you sell based on their browsing and shopping activity, powered by V12 Signals.

Using hundreds of sources of offline and online insights, best-in-class technology and analytics, and proprietary data methodology, we can connect you with movers in the market for products and services you sell.

Precision Marketing Audiences

See for yourself how our rich consumer audiences can help you boost your campaign performance. Contact us today!