V12 Launches Sales-Driving Data and Technology Solution for the Automotive Aftermarket

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V12 Launches Sales-Driving Data and Technology Solution for the Automotive Aftermarket

MATAWAN, NJ / TAMPA, FL – June 12, 2018 –V12, a leading provider of people-based marketing solutions, announced the launch of its omnichannel data and technology solution for the automotive aftermarket. The integrated solution provides aftermarket brands with industry-leading data and technology tools to power their acquisition and retention strategies while delivering sustainable ROI.

According to Anders Ekman, President of V12, “Today’s consumers are keeping their vehicles longer which equates to tremendous opportunity for the automotive aftermarket industry. V12’s suite of aftermarket solutions empowers brands to target these consumers by any number of in-market indicators such as VIN, age of the vehicle, engine size, lifestyle change and even specific parts and service locations the consumer has recently visited.”

V12’s aftermarket solution includes five key approaches which can be used as stand-alone strategies or as an integrated acquisition and retention platform:

    • Target Consumers Based on Their VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Ownership: V12’s industry-recognized VIN database offers 180+mm VINS tied to owners, 80+mm households, as well as numerous selects including detailed Make/Model/Year for each VIN plus details on engine size, trim, and more.
    • Identify In-Market Parts & Service Shoppers by Location: V12 recently launched its in-market automotive aftermarket solution, powered by the company’s proprietary intent data solution, V12 Signals. The solution enables automotive aftermarket businesses to target in-market auto parts and service consumers utilizing their mobile devices. Unlike traditional mobile marketing, which only targets the device, V12 Signals is able to identify and target the actual consumer during the 48-72 hour period when they’re making a buying decision.
    • Identify In-Market Parts & Service Shoppers by Purchase Triggers: V12 offers lifestyle data and purchase trigger data that is indicative of consumers most likely to be in the market to purchase. These may include new movers, new children and economic changes as examples.
    • Reactivate Dormant Customers: V12’s CRM email reactivation platform turns dormant customers into profit. The proprietary process delivers a 7:1 ROI.
    • Optimize the Customer Journey through the V12 Customer Data Platform (CDP): V12’s CDP enables aftermarket brands to integrate 1st and 3rd party data for seamless customer insight, development of omnichannel customer journeys and marketing activation across channels.

    “As the average age of vehicles on the road increases, the rising demand for aftermarket parts and services has spurred new growth and revenue opportunities for the industry,” said Jason Webby, CRO of V12. “We are able to provide brands with a powerful set of tools to both identify consumers expressing imminent intent to purchase as well as the means to target these shoppers across channels.”

    To learn more about V12’s solutions for the aftermarket, visit: https://www.v12data.com/aftermarket/.

    About V12
    As an omnichannel data powerhouse, V12 combines the power of data, analytics, technology and people to deliver omnichannel solutions that signal imminent intent and drive performance for our clients. Our data, technology and people are deliver innovation for marketers to anticipate buyer behavior and manage customer experience at speed and scale. For more information, visit www.v12data.com

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