DataMentors Launches Data-as-a-Service to Drive Immediate ROI with Real-Time Data

TAMPA, FL – September 29, 2014 – DataMentors, LLC, a full-service data quality, data management and business intelligence provider, announces the launch of its Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering, a solution enabling businesses to drive immediate ROI with affordable and real-time data.

“Marketers have traditionally relied on their internal data systems or third-party data from list brokers to model prospects who may be interested in what they are selling,” said Anders Ekman, President of DataMentors. “With the explosion of bigger and faster data, companies are under huge pressure to find meaningful insights from this data chaos. DaaS is completely changing the game for today’s marketers by providing in-market customers and prospects to companies in real-time, which in turn brings immediate and sustainable ROI.”

Key advantages of DataMentors’ DaaS offering:

  • DataMentors delivers a constant stream of qualified prospects, including a company’s own customers, who are actively searching for what they are selling.
  • Companies can begin targeting customers and prospects with immediate, relevant content and offers – trending category content, dynamic pricing, customized recommendations, and more. 
  • DataMentors creates a highly customized data capability versus random/disconnected, one-time use prospect lists.

“Companies no longer need to invest in huge infrastructures to access Big Data – DaaS is a revolutionary way of mining today’s massive data ecosystem and delivering in-market prospects and customers to a company’s channel systems or digital marketing platforms,” said Bob Orf, Chief Executive Officer of DataMentors. “The possibilities are endless. Why model families who may be interested in family vacations when you can send campaigns to consumers who just booked plane tickets? Or why try to figure out who to target for a retail campaign when you can receive daily streams of prospects who are actively searching online for products you, or your competitors, are selling?”

DataMentors’ DaaS solution includes four key pillars to deliver ROI:

  1. Sourcing: Based on a company’s objectives, DataMentors sources a vast array of unique and hard-to-find data to provide a dramatic incremental difference in acquisition, optimization and loyalty metrics.
  2. Structuring: DataMentors enhances a company’s core data set so it is digitally addressable. This specialized data set, integrated with the new data sources, is built to deliver competitive advantage on a daily basis.
  3. Delivering: A company can deliver marketing campaigns through multi-channel marketing programs. DataMentors also delivers customized ads and messaging directly to a company’s customers and prospects through its digital marketing platform.
  4. Analyzing: Behavior and commercial data is gathered and analyzed using DataMentors’ analytics tools, delivering insight, opportunity identification, and dashboard optimization.

To learn more about how you can begin generating immediate ROI with DataMentors’ DaaS solution, visit

About DataMentors, LLC

DataMentors is a full-service provider of data quality, data management and business intelligence solutions. Our flexible solutions provide valuable data insights to help increase revenue, maximize customer value, reduce risk, and grow businesses. DataMentors, recognized by Gartner for data quality for the past seven years, successfully helps companies of all sizes implement the right data solutions to ensure success.  For more information, visit


Larisa Bedgood
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