DataMentors Launches FurnitureROI Data Solution for Furniture Retailers

DataMentors Launches FurnitureROITM Data Solution for Furniture Retailers

Boost Customer Acquisition with Unique and Hard-to-Find Data Sources

Tampa, FL – DataMentors, LLC, a data quality, data management and business intelligence solutions provider, today announced the launch of FurnitureROITM, a solution enabling furniture retailers to boost customer acquisition and marketing ROI with unique and Hard-to-Find data sources.

“Furniture consumers are increasingly difficult to target in today’s dynamic economy. Consumers are shopping across multiple digital channels and millennials are now of an age where they hold more purchasing power than any other demographic,” said Anders Ekman, President of DataMentors. “DataMentors’ FurnitureROITM is an innovative data product designed to empower furniture retailers with a constant stream of in-market consumers to boost customer acquisition to entirely new levels.”

Key data sources fueling FurnitureROITM include:

  1. New Prospects: Identify new prospects with DataMentors’ Consumer Database, which includes data on 250MM consumers and over 300 data elements.
  2. Millennials: Target over 32MM millennial consumers with data that includes rich contact details such as email addresses and mobile numbers, and other unique elements such as interests and lifestyle information.
  3. Pre-Movers and Post-Movers: Innovative web mining technology identifies pre-movers and new movers who may soon be in-market for furniture. This real-time data is gathered across a comprehensive network of websites and includes information such as new rentals, houses sold, geography, income level and more.
  4. Social Signaling: FurnitureROITM monitors social media for furniture purchase signaling, such as “excited about the move”, or “looking for a leather couch”.
  5. Onboarding: Data is onboarded to link offline data to online IDs for customized ad delivery through a company’s channel systems or DataMentors’ digital marketing platform.

“By redefining marketing strategies with real-time data, furniture retailers can target furniture consumers on-line with the right message and at the right time to drive new customers into brick-and-mortar stores or to e-commerce sites,” said Bob Orf, CEO of DataMentors.

FurnitureROITM is a component of DataMentors’ Data-as-a-Service solution, which includes four key pillars to deliver ROI:

  1. Sourcing: Based on a company’s objectives, DataMentors sources a vast array of unique and hard-to-find data to provide a dramatic incremental difference in acquisition, optimization and loyalty metrics.
  2. Structuring: DataMentors enhances a company’s core data set so it is digitally addressable. This specialized data set, integrated with the new data sources, is built to deliver competitive advantage on a daily basis.
  3. Delivering: A company can deliver marketing campaigns through multi-channel marketing programs. DataMentors also delivers customized ads and messaging directly to a company’s customers and prospects through its digital marketing platform.
  4. Analyzing: Behavior and commercial data is gathered and analyzed using DataMentors’ analytics tools, delivering insight, opportunity identification, and dashboard optimization.

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