Power your results with V12’s best-in-class purchase intender databases

Using hundreds of sources of offline and online insights, best-in-class technology and analytics, and proprietary methodology, we can connect you with consumers in the market for products and services you sell based on browsing and shopping activity, identification of visitors browsing your website and life event triggers.

Reach shoppers who have recently visited your store or a competitor's location
Reach consumers who are actively browsing online for products you sell
Identify visitors on your website and market to them via omnichannel campaigns
Market based on lifestyle changes and trigger data such as new movers, new children, and economic changes
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High Sales Conversions and Engagement

Signals leads have set record-highs for V12’s clients, delivering 4x sales conversion rates and 3x engagement rates compared to other leading acquisition data available in the market.

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High Quality Campaigns Delivered Across Channels

Choose from our pre-built creative templates or provide your own creative to reach consumers across email, postal, social and digital.

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Marketing Insights

Signals provides rich analytical and marketing insights, including:

  • Lead enhancement
  • Marketing program performance
  • Trade area performance and insights
  • Insights into consumer brand preferences and activity
  • Identification of existing customers who may defect to another brand

Target Audiences Actively Shopping for your Products and Services

See for yourself how our in-market audiences can help you boost customer acquisition and curb attrition. Contact us today!