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Reach Shoppers Who Have Recently Visited Your Store or a Competitor’s Location

Powered by V12 Signals In-Market Shopper Technology

V12 Signals Mobile is an innovative mobile solution that enables companies to market to households expressing active intent to purchase based on their shopping behavior.

We utilize geolocation data to identify in-market shopping activity. However, unlike traditional mobile marketing, which only identifies the device, V12 Signals identifies households and the individuals in them. Our innovative solution provides household contact information complete with a wide variety of consumer attributes allowing you to create a highly targeted offer across multiple channels.

Auto Dealership Leads

High-Quality Omnichannel Campaigns

Sit back and relax – V12 does the work for you. V12’s agency team of creative and in-market execution experts work with you to understand your objectives and build campaigns for deployment across channels.

Sample Journey to Purchase

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Measurable Results

  • 3X Higher Engagement

  • 19% Audience Conversion

  • Up to 6% Conversion (at intended dealerships) 


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