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Identify and Reach In-Market Automotive Shoppers By Browsing Activity

Powered by V12 Signals In-Market Shopper Technology

Identifying in-market automotive shoppers is crucial for success in today’s environment

Powered by V12 Signals in-market technology, V12 Signals Online for Automotive identifies shoppers with online intent to purchase and markets to them with omnichannel campaigns.

V12 collects actual online behavior data in real-time, leveraging a broad network and innovative techniques to discover behavioral keywords, phrases, and terms. Using this intelligence, we use an innovative cookie-less targeting solution to power your campaigns and accelerate your customer acquisition.

How V12 Signals for Automotive Works

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Leading VIN Database Provides the Foundation

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  • VIN data available on 190+ million VINs and 260+ million consumers for all 50 states, including privacy states.
  • 100% populated with Make, Model and Year as derived directly from VINs.
  • Every lead record includes Name, Address, Make, Model and Year.

Example Journey to Purchase Leveraging the V12 Signals Family of Products

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